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Our Team

The Tashirat Staff directs the Pequeños Milagros project, supported by the many years of experience they have gained through their involvement with Tashirat Orphanage since 2003. All Tashirat Staff have voluntarily dedicated their lives entirely to the care of the Tashirat children and the mission of Tashirat.

Lucero Esmeralda Manzanares Escobar

She graduated as a general nurse, with a diploma in Human Development and Thanatology.

In 2003 she began working for the Dr. José Parres General Hospital of Cuernavaca. There she learned about empathy, and it awakened in her the awareness that we all need each other, and that life is all about “paying it forward”.

In 2012, she was offered the position of Head Manager of the Department of Citizen Attention and Social Work at the Morelos State DIF, where she had the enormous opportunity to tour the municipalities of the state and have direct contact with the most vulnerable populations while trying to address and solve their different problems.

Currently, she collaborates with the homes within the Pequeños Milagros network, helping them to comply with State regulations and paperwork.

She feels very happy and excited to be part of this work, through which she can see the lives of many boys and girls positively transformed.

Mercedes Bay Saviñón

She has a degree in Psychology, with studies on neurodevelopment and disability, early stimulation and Gestalt Psychotherapy.

She has worked in mental health clinics, nursing homes, with street children, with indigenous communities, and with populations deprived of their liberty, as well as in institutions dedicated to the care of people with disabilities.

She is also trained as an Equine Therapist. She works with children with autism and attention deficit disorder as well as intellectual, sensory, psychosocial and physical disabilities.

She currently supports Pequeños Milagros with fundraising and managing the distribution of donations.

Through service to others, Mercedes has found her path and discovered a life full of love.

Felipe Orozco Lucio

He has a Law Degree, and a Master's Degree in Health Sciences and Systems, a Master's Degree in Organizational Development, and a Master's Degree in Administration and Social Entrepreneurship.

Some of Felipe's previous positions have been:

  • Director of the Morelos State DIF Social Assistance Centers  .
  • Deputy Director of Labor Relations for the National Council of Science and Technology, CONACYT.
  • Director of National Operations for the Ministries of Love home for children. 
  • Advisor "C" for the Morelos Health Department.
  • Sub director of residential homes and shelters for the Morelos State DIF 
  • Legal Adviser for the Morelos State Hospital for Children and Adolescents.
  • Delegate for the Attorney of the Nuevo León State Department of Homes for the Protection of Minors and the Family.

Currently, Mr. Felipe supports the homes with which we are collaborating with legal advice and administrative development. 

Mr. Felipe is very happy to be part of Pequeños Milagros and to have the opportunity to contribute his professional experience and knowledge to help girls, boys, adolescents and people with disabilities.

Tel/WhatsApp: 777 569 2567
Tepoztlán, Morelos, México
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