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Casa Hogar Tashirat opened its doors in 2003. It is located within the mountains of Tepoztlán, Morelos. It is a home for girls, boys and young people, with and without disabilities, who have suffered some type of abuse, mistreatment or abandonment, and who cannot be reintegrated into their biological families.

From the beginning, Tashirat has welcomed the most vulnerable children whom due to age, intellectual and/or behavioral challenges, had little chance of being adopted.

Tashirat is a home that offers comprehensive care including an alternative and individualized educational system, daily exercise and yoga classes, vegan nutrition, occupational workshops, and a family model: 3 to 8 girls or boys reside in each house, under the care of an experienced, full-time staff member, thus creating a home-like atmosphere.

They currently have in their care girls, boys, adolescents and adults, with a maximum capacity of between 30 to 35 residents, depending on the individualized care required by each resident. All children, both with and without disabilities, have the option of continuing to live in Tashirat into adulthood, living semi-independently with the necessary level of assistance in a safe and supportive environment, within a family environment.

In March 2022, 19 years after opening its doors, Tashirat furthered its service by creating the Pequeños Milagros support network for other private non-profit homes.

Through our Pequeños Milagros team and our own extensive experience, we help orphanages meet state requirements, connect them to potential supporters who can help to provide their most urgent needs, while cultivating alliances and a support network amongst the homes based on mutual sharing and friendship.

Pequeños Milagros has become an inspiration for our staff and children alike, giving our children an opportunity to join us in helping others. Through Pequeños Milagros, their lives have been opened to the joy and motivation one discovers through service work. Our children help us to organize donations for the other homes and to organize and participate in day events given at other orphanages.

Tel/WhatsApp: 777 569 2567
Tepoztlán, Morelos, México
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